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Welcome to the Danish documentation centre for language technology

The mission of the Danish documentation centre for language technology is to ensure that future and, as far as possible, previous Danish, Faroese, Greenlandic and Latvian research results, corpora, tools etc. are made known and available for re-use both nationally and internationally.

The Danish documentation centre for language technology is situated at the Centre for Language Technology (CST). Through identifying and documenting players, projects, resources etc., it will produce data documenting the local language technology research scene.

In the other Nordic countries, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, similar documentation centres for language technology have also been set up. A formal collaboration between these centres has been established in the Nordic network of documentation centres for language technology (NorDokNet). This collaboration is led by the Centre for Language Technology and its activities include holding seminars.

The documentation centres and the network are activities funded by the Nordic language technology research programme, now NordForsk, which is a 5 year research programme initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers.  A programme committee appointed by the council of ministers has overall responsibility for the programme which is administered by the Nordic Academy for Advanced Study (NordForsk).


The contact persons for DanDokCenter are Jürgen Wedekind, senior researcher at CST. Email: juergen @ cst.dk and Hanne Fersøe, deputy manager at CST. Email: hanne @ cst.dk



* Information and knowledge
What is human language technology, examples of use and useful links

* Projects Links to research projects

* Companies Developers and suppliers

* Organisations Research institutions, networks, associations, research councils, etc.

* Products Commercial products

* Linguistic resources Dictionaries,corpora

* Research systems Prototypes

* Communication and interaction Events and conferences, next network meeting


NODALIDA 2007 Call for papers

First Swedish international LT conference

First book in Danish about Danish Language Technology
Center for Sprogteknologi has published 'Sprogteknologi i dansk perspektiv' (Language Technology in perspective )

The proceedings from NODALIDA 2005 are now available

The latest (10th) edition of the "Compendium of translation software" is now available on the EAMT website

Try CST's online tools

Visit the web site of the Nordic Graduate School of Language Technology


Report from the NLTNet project about the possibilities to continue the Nordic documentation centres

Vandret blå linie
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