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General language technology

EUROMAP Surveying Language Engineering opportunities in Europe, April 2003

DanDokCenter Danish documentation centre for language technology May 2005

ELSNET 1-4 European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies 2005

ISLE International Standards for Language Engineering December 2002

Speech recognition

indtal.dk a limited Danish speech recognizer which enables physically handicapped persons to navigate on the internet

Multistream Speech Recognition April 2003

Acoustic/phonetic modelling with Bayesian networks April 2003

Recognition of Names & Numbers April 2003

Odense online May 2003

Posh Perceived Quality of Services in Heterogeneous Networks 2006

Speech synthesis

The Danish Research Ministry's initiative on synthetic speech, with the participantion of CPK and IAAS April 2003

Adgangforalle Project about free Internet service 2006

Speech-based dialogue systems

TriaDis Trials on Distributed speech recognition for mobile network embedded voice-controlled services April 2003

Distributed spoken dialogue systems over the mobile network (DSD) 2003

DISC Spoken Language Dialogue Systems and Components 2001

EFS - Feasibility study on spoken language dialogue systems in Danish

Vacation Money Expert - Commercial Danish Spoken language Dialogue Project 2002


LEXADV Lexical description of adverbs for Danish, Norwegian and Swedish 2005

STO A large computational lexicon for Danish 2004

World knowledge in a lexicon - (Sub-project under OMNIS)

Odense Valency Dictionary - A man and machine readable valency dictionary of Danish verbs

NORDLIST A web-based dictionary of words and terms related to higher education institutions in the Nordic languages 2004

DanPO Danish Phonetic-Orthographic Dictionary 2005


IATE Services for the Development of an Interactive Terminology Database System 2001

MEDVID Sharing of knowledge, dissemination and communication within the medical technical and health domain August 2006


VISL-Centret Visual Interactive Syntax Learning 2006

Ph.d project A Formal lexical analysis of Danish adjunct adverbs 2004

VIA Visuel Interaktiv Analyse. Computer based teaching tool for training grammatical analysis (article about it) 1998

Danish Dependency Treebank Syntatic analysis in the Danish Dependency Treebank

Parallel computational grammars for Danish and Norwegian, co-ordinated by Handelshøjskolen i København


PaNoLa (Parsing Nordic Languages) NORFA-funded Nordic Constraint Grammar project, no project web site yet, but the Danish grammar is accessible 2004




Scandsum Summarization December 2003


NORDSEM - Comparative semantics for Nordic languages and English

Knowledge representation

OMNIS - Methods for the representation and use of world knowledge in natural language systems

TermTyp - Principles and methods for constructing and encoding conceptual systems with the help of typed feature structures. (Sub-project under OMNIS)

CAOS - Computer-Aided Ontology Structuring

Machine translation

PaTrans Unification-based MT system for translating English patents to Danish

Portuguese - Danish VISL machine translation system 2006

Danish - Esperanto VISL machine translation system 2006

Information retrieval

OntoQuery. Ontology-based Querying - content-based information retrieval, including an NP-recognizer July 2003

Discovery and use of associations An approach to database querying based on fuzzy evaluation of queries

Flexible Search in DanBib

User profiling Automatically collect a user profile from the user's behaviour in the query-answering dialogue

Query relaxation from taxonomies

Hypothetical queries

Fuzzy Query Weakening

Dynamic fuzzy terms Application of dynamic fuzzy terms for accessing to databases

BookHouse on WWW

VID Knowledge and document handling with language technologies 2004

Emdros Emdros - the database engine for analyzed or annotated text 2005

Multi modal systems

Multi Modal Systems 2003

DMM Distributed Multimedia Technologies and Applications, (see under Research projects)

Staging The Staging of 3D worlds. Language in virtual worlds 2001

Natural and Multimodal Interactivity (NMI)

DARPA Communicator Platforms and applications in spoken language and multimodal dialogue systems 2003

NITE Natural Interactivity Tools Engineering. Development of a best practice workbench for multi-level/cross-level annotation of natural interactivity data 2003

Ph.d project: Integration of Stochastic Methods and Language Models in Multimodal Interaction.

Ph.d-projekt: Rehabilitation of Dyslexics Using Language Technology and Multimodal Techniques

User interfaces

CHMI Centre for Human-Machine Interaction (see under Research projects) 2002

DEVISE Centre for Experimental System Development 2000

WorkSPACE Distributed Work support through component based SPAtial Computing Environments (see under Research projects) 2005

Today's Stories Wearables and video story editing by/for small school children 2000

VICO Virtual Intelligent CO-driver 2004

DIWA Design and use of Interactive Web Applications 2003

Educational programs

VISL Games VISL offers a wide range of grammar teaching tools used at Danish Universities and schools 2006

Interactive Grammar teaching with visual trees 2006

Copenhagen Tree Tracer Teaching tool for CFG and PATR based parsing


Automatic production of data Assessment of automatic methods for metadata production.

Validation of resources

ELRA's WLR Validation Centre Validation of written resource


Network projects

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