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Research systems


Tools for spoken language

Spoken Language Recognition Research System

CPK Third Generation Dialogue Tools

Demonstration of Danish speech synthesis

HTK3.0 some programmes for training and testing of speech recognition

JHVite a speech engine for speech recognition and speech synthesis

SLANG v1.1 a recogniser for "large vocabulary"

Use of SpeechDat2 model together with HTK 3.0

Emotionel speech database

NLP suite for speech recognition a suite of programmes to control speech recognition

Mate workbench Tools for annotating speech corpora

Segement editor for Speech Synthesis

Tools for written language

Danish Natural Language Processing (written language or transcribed speech)(morphological and syntactic analysis of running text, both CG flat dependency, PSG trees and field analysis)

Center for Sprogteknologi Lemmatizer for Danish

DanSum Automatic summarization of Danish texts

Center for Sprogteknologi's Danish tagger Danish tagger

STO Interface for the Language technology database (STO) which may find detailed morphological and syntactical information of an entry

Tokenizer a programme for splitting up a texts into single words.

Name recognizer recognize proper names, place names and other names

NP recognizer - recognize NPs

Repetition checks finds repetitions in a text with statistical methods

Linguist-GRID Free research tool that allows linguists to measure people's intuitions about language and share the collected data with other linguists

DTAG Dependency annotation tool

VISL machine translation Portuguese-Danish, Danish-Esperanto

VISL Question-Answer system for Portuguese

VISL spell and grammar checker for Danish sentences

Visum TreeTree drawning component

Word stemmer Tool that brings back derived forms of a word to their 'stem'

POS-tagger from Aalborg University

Text-to-phonem transcription

n-gram analysis Statistical analysis of text corpora based on the amount of "new unique observations"

NLP-suite A suite of NLP tools for speech processing

Swedish-Danish corpus comparisons


Spoken Natural Language Processing Suite


Statistical machine translation systems

Multilingual search in the Nordic languages and English

Text-to-speech demo

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