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What is human language technology?
(the pages are in Danish)

Useful links

Visit the home page of LT-world which offers useful information about human language technology worldwide

Useful articles about machine translation through the decades.

Registry for NLP software

ELDA Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency

Corpus linguistics Texts, Corpora, newspapers and news sites for different languages

Laurie's Links  Links to free machine translation on the internet

COLLATE Computational Linguistics and Language Technology for Real Life Applications

VISTA's language technology links - to dictionaries, corpora, tools etc.

List with English-Danish HLT terms

Useful links for tools etc from Laboratorium for Sprogteknologi

Reports about language technology

Strategisk satsning på dansk sprogteknologi published by Statens Humanistiske Forskningsråd (Council of Humanities)

Examples of the use of language technology

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Vandret blå linie
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