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The list is in alphabetic order

This page contains a list of developers and suppliers, private as public

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Abertil/(previous) Prosoft  (Speech synthesis, reading programs)

Alloware  (Translation program)

Ankiro Aps (search engines, knowledge sharing, dialogue robots)

Center for Leksikografi, Handelshøjskolen i Århus

Center for Sprogteknologi  (Danish-English MT, basic HLT companies, consultancy, language technology wordbase)

Dansk Sprognævn (spelling dictionary on the internet)

DantermCentret  (Ontology and knowledge bases, support in setting up term bases and help with language technology)

gbc*design  (Software for language learning)

Gyldendals Elektroniske Ordbøger (dictionaries)

Interse (Information systems)

Interverbum   (Web-based terminology management system)

Jysk Ordbog (dictionary on the internet)

Konsulentfirmaet Bøje Larsen (grammar and style checker)

L&H Elektroniske Ordbøger (dictionaries)

Max Manus A/S  (Danish speech recognition, dictation, solutions for hospitals/lawyers)

Mikro Værkstedet A/S (educational programs: language learning, spelling, grammar, speech synthesis)

Mondosoft (Information and knowledge system development)

Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck (dictionaries, search for dictionaries)

Politikens Forlag (dictionaries)

Prolog Development Center (speech telephone service systems)

Sensus ApS (programme for translation of emails to Braille or speech synthesis)

TDC TeleDanmark (Danish speech synthesis)TDCs 'adgang for alle' (admission for all) 

TermPlus  (Term database)

The International Insitute of Written Oxford English AsP  (e-learning)

Trados Scandinavia  (translation memory, term database)

UNI•C  (multi-media  educational programs, language learning, grammar exercises)

WebWordSystem (Translation memory and terminology base)

Xplanation   (Translation workflow technology)

Yak-Yak  (educational programs: language learning, spelling, word finder, speech synthesis)

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