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Commercial Products

Speech technology

Danish speech recognition Max Manus A/S

Danish speech recognition Nuance

SPOK speech recognition SPOK

Prolog Development Center spoken telephone services Prolog Development Center

Mikro Værkstedet has several speech synthesis products Taleprodukter

LingoScan a reading program to speed up the reading speed Abertil (previous Pro Soft)

Machine translation

"PaTrans" (English-Danish machine translation) Center for Sprogteknologi

Universal Translator 2000 abitz.com Multilingual Software

Laurie's Links  Links to free machine translation on the Web.

Life Translator Internet based translation program

InterTran Translation of web pages, emails, facsimiles, letters, reports etc. from and into many languages

Translation memories

Translation memories are language independent tools and may translate between many language pairs, including Danish

CATALYST, Alchemy Software

Déjà Vu - Atril

SDL,  SDL International


Translator's Workbench - TRADOS/SDL

MultiTrans - MultiTrans

Wordfast - Wordfast

Xplanation - Xplanation

Similis - Similis

WebWordSystem - WebWordSystem


Information retrieval

"Ankiro Site Search" (language-based search engine) Ankiro

"Ankiro Dialogrobotter" (dialogue robots: interactive service program for information retrieval) Ankiro

"ONTOLICA" (automatic categorization of elektronic documents) Mondosoft

Terminology database

TERMplus, TermPlus



TermWeb, Interverbum

i-Term (Ontology and knowledge base, XML, multimedia)


Grammar- & style checker

"Sprogmagisteren" (Danish grammar- and style checker) konsulentfirmaet Bøje Larsen

Word processing

WordMicrosoft (DK)


WordPro, Lotus Development Corporation

Educational programs

Spelling, calculation and science programmes etc. (Danish language course for young and adult immigrants). Uni-C

"Spelling, reading, and writing programmes". Mikro Værkstedet

"Yak-Yak" (Program for language training). Yak-Yak


Sensus Braille programme for translation of emails to Braille or speech synthesis

Qimawin   A Greenlandic segmenter for splitting sentences into words and an electronic dictionary
(Greenlandic is a polysyntetic language, i.e. the meaning-forming sentence elements of other languages are fused into a single word which may be very long.  This word may be the equivalent of a whole sentence in one of the i.e. Scandinavian languages. )

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