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What is Euromap?

What is Euromap?
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Euromap is a project comprising a network of centres i various EU countries. Euromap-DK's goals are to:
  • disseminate knowledge and information on language technology to relevant groups in Denmark 
  • support knowledge and technology transfer from the research sector to businesses 
  • build awareness of the commercial possibilities in language technology 
  • provide information on EU funding within language technology 
Here on Euromap-DK's web pages your can read about Language Technology   or follow our Links to Language Technology products and services (both currently in Danish only) .  You can also find information on possibilities for Project Funding and join in our various activities like Networks, Company visits, and read or contribute to our Success Stories.

If you want to know more about language technology then ask your local helpdesk.  The Euromap network's centres in other EU countries are available to help with partner searches and information on their local conditions.  Each centre can also help with contacts in one or more of the new EU accession countries, and in 2001 there will be even more Euromap centres.  You can get contact addresses for these centres from your local helpdesk or from 

Networks have been created within two areas: 

     Multilingual documentation 

The networks will involve meetings, seminars and workshops.  Participants will be companies that wish to exploit and market research results;  companies, organisations and authorities who wish to use the new technologies and researchers who know about research results  which are ready for exploitation. 

Company visits 
will be arranged in order to broaden awareness of the commercial use of language technology.  The topics to be covered will be decided on in collaboration with the company to be visited.  Visits may include lectures, demonstrations, or mini-workshops according to the company's wishes.

Success stories 
Several Danish companies already use language technology.  We are looking for stories of the successful introduction and use of language technology.  We will publish such stories in leaflets and on the internet for the benefit of others, while at the same time the company will get good publicity. 

Click here to read some previous success stories

Previous Euromap-DK events

Euromap-DK has arranged a number of different events, see our previous events

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