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Funding for Language Technology Projects
and Technology Transfer

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There are a number of different possibilities for getting funding of Language Technology projects, either under particular EU programmes or from other sources.  On this page you can find links to current funding possibilities.

EU Programmes:

The following EU programmes have calls which are currently open

(For information on previous programmes and projects visit

Other Sources of Funding

There are no currently open calls for project proposals at the moment - but keep an eye on the Nordisk sprogteknologisk forskningsprogram 2000-2004

Technology Transfer
  • Financing Innovation  Do you want to turn your research results into a commercial venture?  For advice on how to get financial backing go to 
  • TRAIN-IT  Free Courses in technology transfer for participants in ESPRIT and IST projects.  The course programme and further information about TRAIN-IT can be found at
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