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I am a senior researcher/associate professor at the Centre for Language Technology, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen. I have been working in the following fields: methodologies for constructing knowledge bases for NLP and information extraction, grammar formalism and implementation (HSPG), computational lexicography, evaluation of NLP resources, corpus linguistics. My main research is in intersentential pronominal anaphora, multimodal communication and annotation of multimodal corpora.

Projects (current):

Projects (past):


Courses which I am teaching with colleagues at University of Copenhagen:

Introduction til programmering (BA elective IT og Sprog), Cognitive Science 2 (Msc IT and Cognition).

I supervise projects and master thesis in NLP and computational cognitive science.

Recent Publications:

Costanza Navarretta Mirroring and Prediction of Gestures from Interlocutor's Behavior. In R. Klempous, J. Nikodem, P. Z. Baranyi (Eds.) Cognitive Infocommunications, Theory and Applications, Topics in Intelligent Engineering and Informatics,vol. 13,pp. 91-108, Springer (online 2018) 2019.

Patrizia Paggio, Bart Jongejan, Manex Agirrezabal, Costanza Navarretta Detecting head movements in video-recorded dyadic conversations In ICMI '18-Adjunct Proceedings of the International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, October 16-20, 2018, Boulder, CO, USA.

Costanza Navarretta Automatic Gender and Identity Recognition in Annotated Multimodal Face-to-face Conversations. In Proceedings of 9th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications (CogInfoCom 2018), Budapest, Hungary 2018, pp. 87-92.

Costanza Navarretta The Automatic Annotation of the Semiotic Type of Hand Gestures in Obama' s Humorous Speeches. In Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018), Myiazaki, Japan 2018, pp. 1067-1072.

Dorte Haltrup Hansen, Costanza Navarretta and Lene Offersgaard A Pilot Gender Study of the Danish Parliament Corpus In Proceedings of LREC 2018 Workshop ParlaCLARIN, Myiazaki, Japan 2018.

Patrizia Paggio and Costanza Navarretta Temporal Coordination of Facial Expressions and Head Movements in First Encounter Dialogues. In Proceedings of LREC 2018 Workshop LB-IRL & MMC 2018, Myiazaki, Japan 2018, pp. 40-44.

Costanza Navarretta Prediction of audience response from spoken sequences, speech pauses and co-speech gestures in humorous discourse by Barack Obama. In 8th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications (CogInfoCom), Debrecen, 2017, pp. 327-332.

Patrizia Paggio, Costanza Navarretta and Bart Jongegian Automatic identification of head movements in video-recorded conversations: can words help?. In Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Vision and Language, pages 40-42, Valencia, Spain, April 4. 2017 Association for Computational Linguistics.

Costanza Navarretta Barack Obama's pauses and gestures in humorous speeches. In Proceedings of the 4th European and 7th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication, Linköping University Electronic Press, pages 28-36, 2017

Bart Jongejan, Patrizia Paggio and Costanza Navarretta Classifying head movements in video-recorded conversations based on movement velocity, acceleration and jerk. In Proceedings of the 4th European and 7th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication, Linköping University Electronic Press, pages 10-17, 2017

Costanza Navarretta and Lene Offersgaard. Towards the production of reusable and searchable annotated multimodal corpora of human-human communication. In Proceedings of the 2nd Association for Visual Pedagogy Conference. Otrel-Cass, K. (ed.), Undervisning og læring, Aalborg Universitet, Dafolo A/S, 2017, p. 106-114.

Patrizia Paggio and Costanza Navarretta The Danish NOMCO corpus: multimodal interaction in first acquaintance conversations. In Language Resources and Evaluation. Vol.51, Issue 2, pp. 463-494, 2017.

Costanza Navarretta
Center for Sprogteknologi,
Njalsgade 140-142, Build. 25
DK-2300 Copenhagen S,
costanza @  (remove the blanks to get the correct email)

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