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7 step recipe

Dear All,

A number of people have asked me for a brief document which the EAGLES
Evaluation group prepared for a workshop in Holland in April (EELS.
organised by Compuleer) which was aimed at introducing the EAGLES work
on evaluation to the non-academic community. I also promised that I
would circulate it via the evaluation discussion list, so here it is.

It is a summary of the EAGLES framework for designing an evaluation in
the form of a 7 step recipe for doing so, accompanied by a sketchy
worked example.

As always, we would be very grateful for any feedback, and would like to
hear from anyone who finds it useful. 

If you want feedback to go the whole list, don't forget to hit "reply
all": otherwise, the reply will only come to me personally.

Thanks in advance to all those who take the time to look at it.

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