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EAGLESeval: a question

Anybody got any good ideas for these two?

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Question related to speech recognition programs evaluations.

We are two translation students preparing a  CAT certificate and we are
working on an evaluation plan for speech recognition programs. Given the
fact that we are aiming at determining whether or not the Italian
section of the Swiss Confederation would benefit from such an
investment, we enquired about translators’ touchtyping speed. Infact we
thought that knowing how many words they typed a minute, we would soon
discover whether the acquisition of speech recognition programs would be
useful to them.

We were able to get in touch with the translators on the phone, but

1) We were not given any hints on how many words were typed a minute;
2) We were told that translators [and it is far from being surprising !]
translate while typing their translation
a) Even if we were to know how many words were typewritten per hour, we
would still come up against the dedalus of splitting pure touchtyping
time from translation timel.
b) The simple solution that would be that of translating while dictating
would not reflect reality. In fact, recreating a working environment
that had to take into account all the working habits and the know how of
these translators would never be faithful to the real ones.

Thank you for your attention.

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