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Re: some words about mailing-list

I am sorry that you have been upset. 

Please get upset with me rather than with Nancy, since I was the one who
suggested doing things this way.

The idea of setting up the discussion list came up during the closing
public discussions in LREC, and the EAGLES group volunteered to see that
it happened.

On the assumption that most of the people who had been at LREC would be
likely to be interested, I suggested that the initial announcement
should be sent to the LREC particpants plus some others we knew about
from EAGLES work. On the same assumption that most would want to
particpate, it seemed to minimize effort for the majority to go for
unsubscribing if you didn't want to participate rather than for
subscribing if you did want to.

Anybody who was subscribed via our list of potential participants should
have received an initial announcement which explained the genesis of the
list itself, and also (I'm pretty sure, but haven't still got it to
check) gave the address of the EAGLES evaluation web site so that
anyobody who wanted to could check out who we were. The same message
also contained very clear instructions on how to unsubscribe. If you did
not receive that message, you probably got on to the list via some other
mechanism which the originators of the list don't know about.

The timing of when the list was started was a function of how long it
took to get the list of potential participants together and get

Once again, I am sorry if you have been inconvenienced. But could we now
consider the topic closed, since done is done, and continuing to discuss
it will just produce yet more messages to fill up poeples mail boxes?

Maghi King

Vera Semenova wrote:
> Oliver Mason wrote:
> >many people (including myself) have been subscribed to a mailing-list
> without knowing it,
> > which has lead to considerable irritation & annoyance.
> I think he his absolutely right. Those who edited this mailing-ling had to
> explain their goals at the very beginning and to SUGGEST to everybody to
> participate or not. They had also to write the URL of this mailing-list in
> order to let us know who else is included in it. Before answering I need to
> see whom I am discussing with.
> In her reply to Oliver Mason Nancy Underwood wrote:
> >  The list was set up to offer a forum for those who had shown an interest
> in LE evaluation (by their
> participation in LREC and EAGLES workshop) to continue the discussion
> electronically. <
> Nice to know. Late is better than never.
> I think it is a very good initiative. The theme is interesting. But the
> manner of mailing-list edition seems very strange. In August, when the most
> of participants were surely absent, without any preliminary agreement or
> explanation our mailing-boxes were overloaded by the flow of information
> which could be much more clear if (I repeat) we were informed preliminary
> on the goals of this action.
> Best regards
> Vera Semenova

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