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some words about mailing-list

Oliver Mason wrote:

>many people (including myself) have been subscribed to a mailing-list
without knowing it,
> which has lead to considerable irritation & annoyance. 

I think he his absolutely right. Those who edited this mailing-ling had to
explain their goals at the very beginning and to SUGGEST to everybody to
participate or not. They had also to write the URL of this mailing-list in
order to let us know who else is included in it. Before answering I need to
see whom I am discussing with.  
In her reply to Oliver Mason Nancy Underwood wrote: 
>  The list was set up to offer a forum for those who had shown an interest
in LE evaluation (by their
participation in LREC and EAGLES workshop) to continue the discussion
electronically. <

Nice to know. Late is better than never.

I think it is a very good initiative. The theme is interesting. But the
manner of mailing-list edition seems very strange. In August, when the most
of participants were surely absent, without any preliminary agreement or
explanation our mailing-boxes were overloaded by the flow of information
which could be much more clear if (I repeat) we were informed preliminary
on the goals of this action. 

Best regards

Vera Semenova