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Re: Re: some words about mailing-list

In her message of Fri, 28 Aug 1998 20:28:56 +0200
Maghi King wrote:

>On the assumption that most of the people who had been at LREC would be
>likely to be interested, I suggested that the initial announcement
>should be sent to the LREC particpants plus some others we knew about
>from EAGLES work. On the same assumption that most would want to
>particpate, it seemed to minimize effort for the majority to go for
>unsubscribing if you didn't want to participate rather than for
>subscribing if you did want to.
>Anybody who was subscribed via our list of potential participants should
>have received an initial announcement which explained the genesis of the
>list itself, and also (I'm pretty sure, but haven't still got it to
>check) gave the address of the EAGLES evaluation web site so that
>anyobody who wanted to could check out who we were. The same message
>also contained very clear instructions on how to unsubscribe. If you did
>not receive that message, you probably got on to the list via some other
>mechanism which the originators of the list don't know about.

Well, I was a LREC participant, and (as it is clear from my paper in LREC
 proceedings) I am working for years in the LE-technologies evaluation

I have just returned to my office after a 15-days absence and suddenly
 found in my mailbox 52 messages which fell there from your mailing-list
 WITHOUT ANY INITIAL ANNOUNCEMENT or any other kind of preliminary 
information. Chronologically the first one (of August’11) was the message
 of Maghi King about the EAGLES II workshop. In the end of this message
 Maghi King wrote: 

>p.s. Since this list has expanded quite a lot in the last few weeks, I
>have taken the liberty of appending Nancy's original message about the
>workshop. Apologies to those of you who get it twice, and please
>remember, if you DON'T want to stay on this list, send an e-mail to
>eag@cst.dk and your address will be removed.

I couldn’t guess which list she means, how long it exists and what for.
 Therefore I had no idea if I want to "stay" there or not. The only 
thing I understood was the fact that I was one of those who have been
 included into the list due to the above-mentioned "expansion" 
(because I never got Nancy’s original message). 

So I think the hypothesis on "other mecanism" is false.

However, when I looked through these 52 messages the topics of the
 discussion seemed interesting. I would probably like to comment on,
 but at first I need to find time to read them.

Best regards,

Vera Semenova
42 rue Paul Claudel
91000 Evry
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E_mail: 101376.156@compuserve.com