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Re: EAGLESEVAL: A question from George Doddington.

But doesn't that mean that they HAVEN'T made progress on the underlying

Or are you saying that their parsers or ontologies get better and better
(judged I suppose by some measure other than system improvement), but
the overall result of the application doesn't improve? 

So we'd say that they have to be wrong about what the appropriate
underlying technology really is?


Eduard Hovy wrote:

> I can think of several places in which people make progress on underlying
> levels that have no real effect on the application level.  For example,
> many groups have insisted that detailed syntactic parsing is the key,
> without demonstrating significant increases in output quality (or a
> significant decrease in speed).  Ditto for the heavily semanticized
> Interlingua-based approaches, who can spend years building ontologies
> and fancy lexicons but still show no improvement on general text in the
> large.  (I happen myself to believe that semantics is the right direction
> to go, but I do not believe that we will get adequately large semantic
> knowledge bases and/or lexicons using current manual techniques.)
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