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Re: EAGLESEVAL: A question from George Doddington.

Dear all, 

At 4:33 PM +0200 8/11/98, Maghi King wrote:
>Here are some more of the questions for discussion that were left open
>after the Granada conference.
>A question from George Doddington:
>Several presenters have argued for moving evaluation from the technical
>(lower) level toward the application (user) level. If evaluation is
>viewed as a means of making progress, this implies that these presenters
>believe that it is more important (or easier?) to make progress at the
>application level than on the underlying problems. Is this a fair
>representation of the presenters' perspective?

I simply could not resist a response.  

This is, of course, a loaded question.  A counter is: Does Mr. Doddington 
believe it is better to make progress on the underlying problems even if 
they have no effect at the application level?  


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