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You can get a little bit (not nearly as much as we would like) by
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We would like to make this site a repository for articles, papers,
reports and any other useful information, in the belief that such a
resource would be of great benefit to the community.

So if anybody has anything they can send us (electronic versions of
material or links to material) please do so. We will undertake to
organise what is sent if we get a deluge. (Wishful thinking?)

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Ahmed Guessoum, PhD. wrote:
> Dear All,
> I've recently joined this list and I would be extremely grateful if you
> could tell me of sites where I could find papers on EVALUATION of
> linguistic tools (lexical, syntactic, semantic, and/or pragmatic).  Some
> members of this list seem to be active contributors to the area and, I
> guess, may already have made some of their papers accessible on the web.
> Many thanks.
> Ahmed.
> Ahmed Guessoum
> Computer Science Department
> College of Computer and Information Sciences
> King Saud University, P.O. Box 51178
> Riyadh 11543, Saudi Arabia
> Tel.: +966 1 4676572

Please note my new e-mail address (old address was king@divsun.unige.ch)
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