Udforskning af dansk ordforråd og grammatik

Research into Danish Vocabulary and Grammar

Scope and objectives:

The scope of the project is to examine the basic elements in the Danish language, the morphemes and the words, their syntactic and semantic characteristics, and the relations between them. The research is performed involving a wide use of computational tools and methods, and the results are tested empirically in computational applications.


Danish Research Council of the Humanities

Institutions involved:

  • Center for Sprogteknologi, Copenhagen (coordinating partner, coordinator: Bente Maegaard).
  • Institut for Erhvervsinformatik, Southern Denmark Business School, Kolding
  • Institut for Erhvervsforskning, Kolding
  • Institut for Sprog og Kommunikation, Odense University
  • Institut for Kommunikation, Aalborg University
  • Institut for Leksikografi, Datalingvistik og Informatik, Århus Business School

Further information on final UDOG seminar June 11, 1998

Further information on subprojects:

  • Subproject 1: Morphemes and combinations of morphemes in Danish. Researcher: Henrik Holmboe, Århus Business School
  • Subproject 2: Simple and compound participle modifiers in Germanic languages. Researchers: Poul Søren Kjærsgaard, Bjarne Le Fevre Jacobsen, Peter Steward, and Jens Ahlmann Hansen, Odense University.
  • Subproject 3: Valency in Danish (verbs, nouns, and adjectives). Researchers: Lene Schøsler, Karen van Durme, Jan Daugaard, Odense University, Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen, Copenhagen Business School, and Ellen Christoffersen and Lotte Weilgaard, Institut for Erhvervsforskning.
  • Subproject 4: Meaning variation in Danish motion verbs. Researcher: Bolette Sandford Pedersen, CENTer for Sprogteknologi.
  • Subproject 5: Identifying text typical collocations. Researcher: Bjarne Blom, Århus Business School.
  • Subproject 6: Cognitive grammar applied on Danish: valency and metaphors. Researchers: Inger Lytje and Anne Rasmussen, Aalborg University.



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