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Re: [Fwd: Re: EAGLESeval: a question]

Here is the Speech Comm paper on trials at the EC Translation Service.  Hope it
stays attached this time!

(See attached file: SpComECTrans.doc)

 image moved   Maghi King <Margaret.King @ issco.unige.ch>        
 to file:      17/05/99 18:41                                     

To:   Melvyn Hunt/Dragon Systems USA
cc:   Eagleseval @ cst.dk
Subject:  Re: [Fwd: Re: EAGLESeval: a question]

It was attached on the message I got originally, but Melvyn. since it
obviously got lost when I did the forwarding, will you please repost the
attachment to the list?

Thanks a lot,

Melvyn_Hunt@dragonsys.com wrote:
> The file wasn't attached in the version that came back to me.  I'm not sure
> whether it arrived attached in what Maghi received from me.  If there is
> interest, I could simply paste it into the email.  Alternatively, I could send
> copy directly to interested individuals.
>  (Embedded
>  image moved   Maghi King <Margaret.King @ issco.unige.ch>
>  to file:      17/05/99 17:22
>  pic06710.pcx)

Please note my new e-mail address (old address was king@divsun.unige.ch)
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