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EAGLESeval: Venue for EAGLES II workshop

Dear All,

The location of the EAGLES II workshop on evaluation has now been fixed.

It will be held in the new University building in Geneva (Uni-Mail). This
is an architecturally interesting, very recent building, right in the
centre of town with all facilities including a cheap but good
self-service restaurant in the building. Post offices, nicer restaurants
for the evenings, banks etc. are all nearby.

Geneva is easy to get to from almost anywhere, and the weather in early
September is usually beautiful: still warm and sunny but not the 30
degrees of August.

There will be no registration fee for the workshop. Anyone needing help
with accomodation should contact Gisella.Anspach@issco.unige.ch

Hope to see you there!


p.s. Since this list has expanded quite a lot in the last few weeks, I
have taken the liberty of appending Nancy's original message about the
workshop. Apologies to those of you who get it twice, and please
remember, if you DON'T want to stay on this list, send an e-mail to
eag@cst.dk and your address will be removed.

>     A date for your diary:
> The second EAGLES II Workshop on Evaluation in Human Language
> Technology will take place on 8-9th September 1998
> This workshop will focus on "EAGLES and Current Evaluation Practices"
> Recent years have seen recognition of the importance of evaluation in
> human language technology as well as a growing awareness of the scope
> and complexity of the task.
> This workshop is aimed at drawing together the discussions of the
> Brussels workshop of 1997, of the LREC conference in Granada in May
> 1998 and of the EAGLES electronic discussion list on evaluation and at
> making the conclusions concrete in the form of a Handbook of Current
> Evaluation Practices. In order to focus discussion, draft chapters of
> the Handbook will be prepared before the workshop.  Those attending
> the workshop will be asked to participate actively by commenting on
> the drafts presented, providing feedback and supplementing the work
> done with their own experience.
> A final draft of the Handbook will be prepared in the two months after
> the workshop, and will, it is hoped, serve as a reference document for
> all of the human language technology evaluation community, as well as
> providing a basis for further work.
> The aim is ambitious, but if it succeeds everybody involved in
> evaluation in human language technology stands to gain from it. To
> succeed, we need the input of all those who have an active interest in
> evaluation activities and in their development.  You are most warmly
> invited to attend and to play your part in this consolidation
> exercise.
> The exact location and programme of the workshop are still being
> confirmed and will be made public as soon as possible.
> To find out more about the past:
> An account of the Brussels workshop can be found at
>    http://www.cst.dk/eagles/index.html
> The authors responsible for collecting material for the Handbook
> include Nigel Bevan (INUSE. ISO 9126 Technical Editor), Louis Des
> Tombes (EAGLES, TEMAA), Steven Krauwer (EAGLES, ELSENET
> Coordinator). Maghi King (EAGLES, RIOFIL, TEMAA), Bente Maegaard
> (EAGLES, TEMAA), Sandra Manzi (EAGLES, TEMAA) and Nancy Underwood
> (EAGLES. TEMAA). Previous contributors to EAGLES work are too numerous
> to be listed here. Their names and contributions can be found in the
> reports at the EAGLES web site.
> ***************************************************
> --
> Nancy Underwood
> Center for Sprogteknologi

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