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3. Other errors

A small number of words present certain peculiarities. For instance, adjectives like celebre `famous' in their superlative form do not take the regular -issim- affix (like bello -> bellissimo `(very) nice') but a form like celeberrimo, and so on.

E.g. misero -> miserrimo `miserable'

acre -> acerrimo `acrid'

It will be therefore interesting to check that invalid strings (e.g. *miserissimo) are not accepted by the checker.

Of course some error types are not specific to Italian. Capitalization, hyphenation, and apostrophe usage are common areas of mistakes in Italian and other languages.

Therefore, in our error generator for ASCC we introduce errors in capitalizing proper names (e.g., milano instead of Milano, paolo instead of Paolo, and so on). The use of apostrophe, albeit relevant, may be out of the scope of a spelling checker; we test this feature only in a limited way, just to see how the checker can cope with it (for instance, both the forms bell'idea and bella idea `good idea' are correct, but *bell idea is not. We can expect the checker to detect an error in bell, spelt without an apostrophe)

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