STO in LMF format

The STO database is in the process of being converted to the Lexical Markup Language format. The task is carried out in the framework of the META-NORD project.
The Lexical Markup Language is an internationally well-known and accepted XML format and the ISO standard for Natural Language Processing (NLP) lexicons. See for more information on LMF.
Most of the morphological part of STO have now been converted to LMF. Some minor details still have to be fixed and the small part of speech categories (pronouns, conjunctions etc.) still have to be converted.

The entire morphological part will be ready during summer 2012. The conversion of the syntactic part of STO to LMF will start Autumn 2012.

In order to see STO in the new format, a few examples can be downloaded here:

Download STO morphology examples here

Be aware that the file is in xml, so your browser might not display it correctly, then it might be better to save the link on your computer.

For more information on STO in the LMF format, please contact Sussi Olsen, saolsen @, +45 35329064

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