MUMIN kick-off meeting Copenhagen 18.1.2002
Arne, Patrizia, Kristiina, Bart (afternoon)

Summary of the discussions by KJ

1) Workshop/PhD-course organisation

- Combine the two events: 1st year workshop and 1st year PhD course
- Duration: 1 week+ weekend (Apex-flights)
- Budget has money to cover fees but combining the two events there would be more for organization, teacher fees and student fellowships
- Possible topics: interest in equipment-based, hands-on exercises and experiments, such as eye-tracking, touch-screen, magnetogram scanning, datagloves (CST)
- Location: maybe Finland, e.g. Tampere and a one-day excursion to Helsinki
- Time: week 25, June before midsummer, or week 45, November 4th onwards
- Structure of the event:
Workshop (2 days)
- Presentations of each participating research groups (10-12 groups;1,5 days)
- Network discussion (research funding, collaboration etc., half a day)
PhD-course (5 days)
- Focus either on:
a) Students playing and experimenting, trying out with different modalities, collecting own data for further studies
b) Students presenting their work on multimodal interfaces and receiving intensive feedback from other participants and course leaders

2) MUMIN webpage:

- Organization (names of the organizers + a shared mailing address)
- Participants (names and contact info + description of each participant institution)
- Links: Nordic multimodal resources and research
- LREC-paper as description of the network
- List of events
- Logo: either a MUMIN logo, or the logos of the three managing institutions plus the NorFA logo

3) Visibility:
- conferences: LREC, NordicCHI (Arne will check), SigDial workshop (KJ), Nodalida (KJ)
- KIT-network and other networks: cross-referencing
- Other suitable conferences
- LREC workshop on multimodality (paper to be sent based on the original application, comments from the partners before the final submission, Patrizia)
4) Network participation
- Desirable to expand: would NorFA grant additional funds?
- Norway ought to be represented

Action plan:

- check with UTA and TKK about possibility to organize a workshop in Finland, also when, and how much organisation would cost (Kristiina, Feb 1st)
- check the fee for speakers (Patrizia, Feb 1st)
- survey the situation among interested students about their preferences and specific needs for such a course: who?d like to attend the course, whether they prefer the focus on (a) or (b), what are their research topics (All, during February)
- First announcement: April 1st
- Second announcement May 15 / September 1st (depending on the workshop dates)

- 1st version of the webpage to be circulated in mid-February (Bart)
- official version of the webpage: end of April (before workshop announcements)
- mailing list: collect the participant emails 

- contact potential partners in Norway (Patrizia)

Refund of the meeting costs:
- invoice from the department & receipts to Patrizia
- daily allowance: substract lunch

Next meeting:
- end of autumn, either a separate meeting or in conjunction with the workshop


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