12 March 2003


The LRC at the University of Limerick (Ireland) is the focal point and the research and educational centre for the localisation community.

Industrial Advisory Board

Alan Barrett (IBM/Chair)

Gerry Carty (VUP Interactive)

Tom Connolly (Consultant)

Ian Dunlop (Novell)

Mervyn Dyke (Vistatec)

Seamus Gallen (Enterprise Irl)

James Grealis (Symantec)

Wendy Hamilton (Bowne Global)

Martin Hynes (FORFAS)

Brian Kelly (Bowne Global)

David Mac Donald (Consultant)

John Malone (Archetypon)

Paul McBride (Veritest)

Patti McCann (Microsoft)

Dirk Metzger (SAP)

David Murphy (Siebel)

Michael O’Callaghan (Oracle)

Tony O’Dowd (Alchemy)

Kevin Ryan (UL)

Jim Seward (ETP)

LRC Staff

Michael Bourke

Joanne Cheung

Deirdre Coffey

Patrice Fanning

Rafael Guzman

Geraldine Harrahill

Antóin ÓSlatara

Reinhard Schäler



3rd International LRC

2003 Localisation

Summer School

3-6 June 2003

Univerisity of Limerick, Ireland

Tel. +353-61-202881

Early Bird registration deadline: 20 April 2003

                  Special offer for TILP members (see registration form)

Supported by

Alchemy, Archetypon, Atril, F-Secure, IBM, Oracle, RWS Group, SDL International, Star Technology Solutions, TRADOS

The European Union eContent Programme

The European Localisation Exchange Centre (ELECT)


Patrice Fanning, Rafael Guzman, Tony Jewtushenko, Bill Looby, John Malone, Shailendra Musale, Tony O’Dowd, Antóin ÓSlatara, Yves Savourel, Damian Scattergood, Reinhard Schäler



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


Translation web services – an emerging standard

Introduction to XML

Introduction to localisation

Localisation of mobile devices


Cultural adaptation of products

Localisation workflow solutions


XLIFF – the emerging localisation file format standard

XML and Localisation

Document engineering and translation

Localisation Tools and Technologies and the Localisation Technology Laboratory and Showcase (LOTS)


Localisation engineering and testing


Social Event

Social Event

Over the past years, the University of Limerick (Ireland) and Austin Community College in Texas (USA) have been two of the first academic institutions world-wide to offer an academic programme of study in localisation, backed and supported by industry leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. Now they have co-ordinated their efforts to bring these programmes to the wider localisation community at two different venues: the LRC in Ireland and ACC in Texas/USA. This is the first time that two third-level colleges in two continents invite you to join their International Localisation Summer School where leading instructors from the USA and Europe will deliver the courses.

For information on the US-based Summer School at Austin Community College: 18-20 June 2003,

Participation at the Summer School will be acknowledged by The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) as part-fulfilment of the requirements for professional membership. Participants will receive a TILP certificate of attendance on successful completion of courses (

Text Box:   The LRC Summer School is supported by the European Localisation Exchange Centre, ELECT, funded under the European Union eContent Programme (

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Tue, 06 June


Translation web services – an emerging standard (Bill Looby, IBM)


XLIFF – the emerging localisation file format standard (Tony Jewtushenko, Oracle)


Social Event

Wed, 07 June


Introduction to XML (Yves Savourel, RWS Group)


XML and Localisation (Yves Savourel, RWS Group)

Thur, 08 June


Introduction to localisation (John Malone, Archetypon)

Cultural adaptation of products (Reinhard Schäler, LRC)


Document engineering and translation (Antóin ÓSlatara, LRC)

Localisation engineering and testing (Tony O’Dowd, Alchemy Software)


Social Event

Fri, 09 June


Localisation of mobile devices (Shailendra Musale, F-Secure)

Localisation workflow solutions (Damian Scattergood, Star)


Localisation Tools and Technologies and the Localisation Technology Laboratory and Showcase, LOTS (Rafael Guzmán, Patrice Fanning)


Morning Sessions

09:00 – 10:30; 11:00-12:30


13:30-15:00; 15:30-17:00