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Re[3]: EAGLESEVAL: Questions from Joseph Mariani

        Could you remove my name from these mails please ?

        Thank you.

                        ML Picard

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Objet : Re[2]: EAGLESEVAL: Questions from Joseph Mariani
Auteur :  Inaki_Hernandez@homer.itp.ie à Hub
Date :    11/08/98 18:29

Could you please drop my name from these mails?
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Subject: Re: EAGLESEVAL: Questions from Joseph Mariani
Author:  Margaret.King@issco.unige.ch at internet 
Date:    11/08/98 17:25
Hello Hamish!
A very good point.
But I suppose what they mean is that if you're working in this 
comparative evaluation paradigm, you tend to concentrate on jazzing up 
your system so that it will do better at the next evaluation, rather 
than tackling some basic research problem carrying with it the risk of 
failure and therefore of not showing any progress at all at the next 
All best to all,
H.Cunningham@dcs.shef.ac.uk wrote:
> hi maghi, nancy et al
> > - Some people say "It kills science." 
> how can we have science without measurement? 
> regards
> Hamish Cunningham
> Research Fellow in Computer Science, University of Sheffield 
> http://www.dcs.shef.ac.uk/~hamish/
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