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preliminary programme Geneva workshop

Dear colleagues
Please find the preliminary programme for the Geneva workshop 
September 8-9 attached.

Registration for the workshop is still possible, we are repeating the 
registration information below.

Also, there is still room for presentations of your work. In 
particular we invite contributions from industry, but any further 
contribution is welcome!

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Registration is free.

Email to eag@cst.dk giving the following information:


Do you wish to make a presentation of your work?
If yes please provide a title and short (informal) abstract for your

Deadlines for registration:

For participants making a presentation: 1st September 1998
For participants not making a presentation: 4th Sept 1998

Anyone needing help with accommodation should contact

Bente Maegaard, Director                   
Center for Sprogteknologi, Njalsgade 80, 2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 35 32 90 74, Fax: +45 35 32 90 89
E-mail: bente@cst.dk
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