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Contribute to EAGLES-II Workshop and Handbook!

The EAGLES Handbook on Current Evaluation practices is intended to serve
as a primary reference for all involved in planning, executing or
suffering from evaluation. It will be made freely available in
electronic form on the web, and will also be distributed in paper form
to those who request it. The workshop on September 8th/9th will be
devoted to making firm decisions on content and presentation.

How can you contribute to the EAGLES-II workshop and the subsequent
Handbook on "EAGLES and Current Evaluation Practices" ?

(see http://www.cst.dk/eagles/index.html for the preliminary
announcement for the workshop)
As well as presenting the current EAGLES framework and a number of
case studies based on the use of the EAGLES evaluation framework, the
handbook will also collect together other approaches which have been
taken in LE evaluation.  In addition to surveying and presenting these
other approaches, our plan is to take one or two of them and 
analyse them in EAGLES terms with a view to seeing how far the different
approaches in fact converge or diverge, and what the different
approaches could learn from one another.

We are keen to hear the experiences of both people who have used (or
adapted) the EAGLES framework for their own evaluations as well as
those of you who have a different approach to evaluation.  There are
a number of ways in which you can contribute to and influence both
the workshop and handbook.
1. send us detailed information (existing reports or articles will do
fine) on your evaluation work (EAGLES-based or otherwise) which can be
described in the handbook and (potentially) be compared and contrasted
with the EAGLES framework. email: eag@cst.dk
2. participate in the workshop and present your work yourself.  At the
end of the workshop a number of 15 minute slots are available for such
presentations.  In addition to the presentation an electronic version
of the material presented should be made available via the website, to
enable feedback (see point 4 below).  (again, such material could be
previously published articles or reports)
3. of course you are also welcome to participate in the workshop and
join in the general discussion without making a presentation

4. for those who cannot physically attend the workshop, but who
would like to be involved and give feedback, the material presented at
the workshop will be put on the EAGLES-II website to enable comments and
feedback during the week after the workshop.  Watch this space!

Workshop Participation

Registration is free.

Email to eag@cst.dk giving the following information:
Do you wish to make a presentation of your work?
If yes please provide a title and short (informal) abstract for your
Deadlines for registration:
For participants making a presentation: 1st September 1998
For participants not making a presentation: 4th Sept 1998

Anyone needing help with accommodation should contact

Nancy Underwood
Center for Sprogteknologi