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Re: list management

> Who is the owner of this list? Is it managed by hand or by some
> reasonable software (listproc, listserv)?

The list takes the form of an email alias.  Membership of the alias is
managed by hand.  The list was set up under part of the EAGLES II project
concerning the evaluation of NLP systems (for more information see

To unsubscribe from the alias one should email to eag@cst.dk
(owner of the list). 

> BTW, who subscribed me to this list?
Your subsciption most probably came via your participation in the LREC 
workshop in Granada in May.

In case you or other members of the list missed the first posting on
the list I'll append it to the end of this email. I hope that clears
things up a bit.

Nancy Underwood


Dear Colleagues,

Following the very lively discussions of the EAGLES workshop last
November and of the ELSE/ELSNET workshop on Evaluation at the LREC
conference in May, we have now set up a new discussion list to
continue the discussion.

                 send an email to eag@cst.dk

Steven Krauwer very kindly supplied us with a list of the questions
left open at the end of the LREC workshop. They will be used to start the
discussion on this list, and will be sent to you in small batches over
the next few days.

Wherever possible, the person who asked the question is
identified. Please check that you are not misrepresented and that your
question does actually appear.

Please feel free also to ask other questions, reply to those asked and
to make any other salient points.

For the moment, at least, this list will not be moderated. We ask you
to observe standard Netiquette rules.

In a couple of weeks the list will also be accessible via the EAGLES
II webpage (http://www.cst.dk/eagles/index.html) replacing the
old form-based discussion server.

Center for Sprogteknologi,            Phone: +45 35 32 90 90
Njalsgade 80,                         Fax: +45 35 32 90 89
DK-2300 Copenhagen,