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EAGLESEVAL: Questions from Joseph Mariani

Here are some questions asked by Joseph Mariani and left open at the
LREC Granada Evaluation workshop.

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Questions from Joseph Mariani:

- Do we agree that evaluation is an important issue in LE?

- Some people say "It kills science."
        - Is it true?
            - How to avoid it if true or partly true.
                    -Organizing 'rendez-vous" with Basic Research

- Black box vs other evaluation

        - glass box
            - grey box

- Predictive vs a posteriori evaluation

- end-to-end evaluation:  socio-, economic, program evaluation?

- political issues:
    -what to do with laboratories not performing well?
        -problem with European situation: several countries with
various research agenda in different fields
        -competitive approach in cooperative European framework?

- technology vs user evaluation

- Multilingual aspects: should we conduct tests on all languages?

- Need for permanent infrastructure: how to deal with it in a project
oriented program? Where to find the 50% matching funding? Necessary to
have 100% funding?

- Financial support to all participants? to any? funding for system
development? for evaluation only?

- Evaluation shouldn't be organized by LE people? (cf Blasband's comment
distributed earlier about getting end users involved in evaluation).

Questions based on notes taken by the organizers during the workshop.
Please fell free to correct misinterpretation or mis-identification.

Maghi King.

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