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"EAGLES and Current Evaluation Practices" Workshop

ETI, University of Geneva
September 8-9, 1998

For those of you who were unable to attend the workshop in person but would like to contribute with your views and experiences, here is a fuller version of the final programme with links to some of the input that the various participants presented. This is not a report on the workshop itself - this will be made available at a later date.

September 8

1. Welcome, purpose of the workshop

2. Table of Contents of the EAGLES Handbook
3. Summary of the EAGLES Framework (Bente Maegaard)
4. The new ISO standard (Maghi King)
5. The need for technology evaluation in language and speech engineering (Patrick Paroubek)
6. User profiling and requirements analysis (Nancy Underwood)
7. Metrics (Bente Maegaard)

8. Formalisation and automation and tools (Louis des Tombe, Steven Krauwer)

10.Test materials (Nancy Underwood)

September 9

Case studies:

11. Activities and results of the ARISE project in the field of validation (Marc Blasband)

12. Case studies:Spelling and grammar checkers (Nancy Underwood)
13. Discussion: Sharing resources - tools and data (introduction: Maghi King)
14. Current Practices

a. Short presentation of the Survey on Current Practices for the Handbook (Maghi King)

b. Further contributions

MT Evaluation (contributions from Litton PRC):

Methodology from DARPA MT evaluation:

The Machine Translation Functional Proficiency Scale

Parser Evaluation (contributions from John Carroll/Ted Brisco)

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