Annotation Manual


Anvil implementation of the MUMIN 4 coding scheme, created for the CLARIN annotations, June 2008, Copenhagen and revised in January 2009.

Authors: Costanza Navarretta, Patrizia Paggio

Based on the MUMIN 3.3. coding scheme created by Jens Allwood, Loredana Cerrato, Laila Dybkśr, Kristiina Jokinen, Costanza Navarretta and Patrizia Paggio. See original coding scheme.


The purpose of this version of the MUMIN coding scheme is to allow functional annotation of multimodal expressions, as well as the way in which expressions belonging to different modalities are combined. The functions defined are:

Feedback, turn management and sequencing are formalised similarly to what done in MUMIN 3.3. However, the current feature taxonomy is not totally equivalent. In the old scheme, understanding and acceptance were subtypes of FeedbackGive and FeedbackElicit. Now, they are independent features that can be combined with a basic FeedbackGive or FeedbackElicit feature. We no longer distinguish between CPU and CP under Basic Feedback.

In this version of the coding scheme, the modalities taken into consideration in addition to speech are facial displays, hand gestures and body posture.


Tracks are specified to code speech and gestures of two dialogue participants, here called Speaker A and Speaker B. The names can of course be changed, and more tracks may be added.


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