The 2nd International Workshop on Typed Feature Structure Grammars (TFSG'07)

The workshop is part of The 16th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics [Link], May 24-26 2007 in Tartu, Estonia. The workshop itself takes place May 24. See last year's workshop at this [Link].

Proceedings, Program, Call for Papers.


The Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Typed Feature Structure Grammars (TFSG'07) (preliminary version) is available from this [Link]. Acceptance rate: 80%.


Location: University of Tartu, J. Liivi 2, room 405 (4th floor). Registration (1st floor) opens at 8:15, a tutorial in room 404 at 16:00, and there is a reception in the Museum of Tartu University History at 19:00.

Section 1: Formal foundations (I) (Chair: Anders Soegaard)

Doug Arnold and Evita Linardaki (University of Essex), "A data-oriented parsing model for HPSG" [PDF]
Aarne Ranta (University of Gothenburg), "Features in abstract and concrete syntax" [PDF]

Section 2: Formal foundations (II) (Chair: Petter Haugereid)

Anders Søgaard (University of Copenhagen), "Propositional and first-order verification of linguistic structures" [PDF]
Miltiadis Kokkonidis (Oxford University), "Encoding LFG f-structures in the TL-LFG type system" [PDF]
Lars Hellan and Dorothee Beermann (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), "Semantics of 'deep' grammars - its applicability and evaluation" [PDF]

Section 3: Linguistic analyses (Chair: TBA)

Anne Bjerre (University of Southern Denmark) and Tavs Bjerre (University of Aarhus), "Hybrid phrases" [PDF]
Petter Haugereid (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), "Long distance dependencies and basic clause structure in Norwegian" [PDF]
Anders Søgaard (University of Copenhagen) and Sanni Nimb (The Danish Society for Language and Literature), "A typed account of adverbial quantifiers" [PDF]

Call for Papers

The linguistics and natural language engineering community has regained interestest in typed feature structure grammars in the recent years. In particular, efficient parsing algorithms have stimulated the development of broad-coverage computational grammars for a variety of languages. The development of these resources have raised a number of empirical and computational questions. TFSG'07 is a forum in which these questions can be asked and, maybe, answered.

Typed feature structure grammars include, for instance, construction grammar (CG), head-driven phrase structure grammar (HPSG) and some versions of categorial grammar (e.g. i-CCG). This workshop is intended for linguists who employ these theories in linguistic analysis or natural language engineering, or who investigate their formal and computational properties. Papers may address

  • the linguistic or computational (dis-)advantages of typed feature structure-based formalisms, incl. CG, HPSG and i-CCG, and comparisons of such formalisms with other linguistic theories,
  • the comparison of theories and computational implementations of typed feature structures, and
  • the design and evaluation of implemented grammars and resources of relevance to typed feature structure grammars.

In other words, the organizers and the program committee are especially interested in papers that present linguistic phenomena whose analysis in typed feature structure grammars is more adequate or more efficient (or less adequate or less efficient) than standard analyses; we also encourage papers that present substantial work on implementations of, or resources for, typed feature structure grammars. Comparisons of CG, HPSG, i-CCG and other theories are also welcome. Finally, the workshop is open to papers on the formal and computational properties of typed feature structure grammars, incl. complexity, learnability, and portability.

The program committee includes Lars Ahrenberg (Linköping University), Ash Asudeh (Carleton University), Emily Bender (University of Washington), Berthol Crysmann (DFKI, Saarbrücken), Stephan Kepser (Universität Tübingen), Detmar Meurers (Ohio State University), Stefan Müller (Universität Bremen), Carl Pollard (Ohio State University), Manfred Sailer (Universität Göttingen), Jesse Tseng (CNRS Loria), Ben Waldron (Cambridge University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Jürgen Wedekind (University of Copenhagen).

The maximum length of the abstracts is six (6) pages. Submit an anonymous PDF file. Please use ACL style files. Contact information should be included in the e-mail text. E-mail the abstract and any questions you may have, to Extended deadline: March 9 2007. Notification of acceptance: April 1 2007.

The workshop is organized by Anders Søgaard, Center for Language Technology, and Petter Haugereid, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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