1st International Workshop on Typed Feature Structure Grammars (TFSG'06)

The workshop was part of The 22nd Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics [Link], June 19-22 2006 in Aalborg, Denmark. The workshop itself took place June 20.

Postproceedings, Program and short abstracts, Call for Papers.


The postproceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Typed Feature Structure Grammars (TFSG'06) will be published by Peter Lang GmbH (European University Studies Series XXI - Linguistics). Reference: Anders Søgaard and Petter Haugereid (eds.). 2008. Typed feature structure grammars. Berlin: Peter Lang GmbH.

Program and short abstracts


Section 1: Formal foundations (Chair: Petter Haugereid)

Anders Søgaard, Center for Language Technology, Copenhagen: "Typed feature structure grammars and model generation". [PDF]
Yo Sato, King's College, London: "Lexicalising word order constraints: a feature-oriented specification". [PDF]
Coffee break

Section 2: Linguistic analyses (I) (Chair: Petter Haugereid)

Maria Flouraki, University of Essex: "Aspectual composition in Minimal Recursion Semantics". [PDF]
Anne Bjerre and Tavs Bjerre, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding: "Sidder og ...". [PDF]
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Section 3: Comparisons and applications (Chair: Anders Søgaard)

Peter Rossen Skadhauge, Center for Computational Modeling of Language, Copenhagen: "Automating reuse of typed feature structure grammars". [PDF]
Frank Richter and Laura Kallmeyer, Universität Tübingen: "Typed feature structures for semantic composition: a comparison between LRS and LTAG". [PDF]
Patrizia Paggio, Dorte Haltrup Hansen and Lene Offersgaard, Center for Language Technology, Copenhagen: "Ontology-based question answering with feature structures". [PDF]
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Section 4: Linguistic analyses (II) (Chair: Anders Søgaard)

Petter Haugereid, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim: "A constructional approach to passive in HPSG". [PDF]
Soma Paul, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad: "Constraint governing the composition of compound verb spelled out on the typed feature structure representation of Indo-Aryan verbs". [PDF]
General discussion

(The room is booked for 9:15-16:45. This leaves room for extensive discussions at the end.)

Howard Lasnik's plenary lecture.
Workshop dinner for those interested and still in town.

Call for Papers

The linguistics and natural language engineering community, including the Scandinavian one, have regained interestest in typed feature structure grammars in the recent years. In particular, efficient parsing algorithms have stimulated the development of broad-coverage computational grammars for a variety of languages. The development of these resources have raised a number of empirical and computational questions. The Workshop on Typed Feature Structure Grammars is a forum in which these questions can be asked and, maybe, answered.

Typed feature structure grammars include construction grammar (CG), head-driven phrase structure grammar (HPSG) and some versions of categorial grammar. This workshop is intended for linguists who employ these theories in linguistic analysis or natural language engineering, or who investigate their formal and computational properties. Papers may address

  • the linguistic or computational (dis-)advantages of typed feature structure-based formalisms, incl. CG and HPSG, and comparisons of such formalisms with other linguistic theories,
  • the comparison of theories and computational implementations of typed feature structures, and
  • the design and evaluation of implemented grammars and resources of relevance to typed feature structure grammars.

In other words, the organizers and the program committee are especially interested in papers that present linguistic phenomena whose analysis in typed feature structure grammars is more adequate or more efficient (or less adequate or less efficient) than standard analyses; we also encourage papers that present substantial work on implementations of, or resources for, typed feature structure grammars. Comparisons of CG, HPSG and other theories are also welcome. Finally, the workshop is open to papers on the formal and computational properties of typed feature structure grammars, incl. complexity, learnability, and portability.

The program committee includes Lars Ahrenberg (Linköping University), Dan Flickinger (Stanford University), Lars Hellan (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Lars G. Johnsen (University of Bergen), Stefan Müller (Universität Bremen and Universität Pottsdam), Stephan Oepen (University of Oslo and CSLI), Jesse Tseng (CNRS Loria) and Jürgen Wedekind (University of Copenhagen). The proceedings are planned to be published in the form of a book. The final, camera-ready papers are submitted after the conference. Guidelines and LaTeX style sheets are provided.

The maximum length of the abstracts is two (2) pages. Submit an anonymous PDF file. Contact information should be included in the e-mail text. E-mail the abstract and any questions you may have, to anders@cst.dk. OBS: The deadline has expired. Notification of acceptance: April 15 2006.

The workshop is organized by Anders Søgaard, Center for Language Technology, and Petter Haugereid, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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