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Upload your input using the form on this page. On the next page you specify the desired final result - there are several annotation types, file formats, languages and other traits to choose from. The hard part - picking and orchestrating the Natural Language Processing tools that are needed to achieve your goal - is handled by this service.

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This service is a workflow management system (WMS) that not only executes workflows, but also composes workflows from building blocks. Each building block encapsulates a Natural Language Processing tool.

The WMS may compose many workflows that all lead to your goal. It will then ask you to choose one of the proposed workflows. In general, the more detail you add to your goal, the fewer solutions the WMS will find, even zero.

The original version of the WMS was made during the DK-Clarin project. Find the most recent source code of the WMS on GitHub, where you can also contact us. The WMS is written in the Bracmat programming language, except for the communication with the user's browser and with the tools (web services in their own right), which is implemented in Java.

This service is free for small amounts of text. Do not send sensitive data to this service and use it at your own risk!