SDMT and SDMT-SMV: Statistical Dependency-based Machine Translation

The project Statistical Dependency-Based Machine Translation (SDMT) is a joint project by the Department of Computational Linguistics at CBS - Copenhagen Business School and the Center for Language Technology (CST) at the University of Copenhagen.

SDMT aims at the development of basic tools and methodologies for statistical machine translation based on a parallel Danish-English dependency treebank.

The project started in January 2004 and is supported by The Danish Council of Strategic Research, Programme Commission on Nanoscience, Biotechnology and IT (NABIIT) with a grant of 1.8 mill. DKK for a period of three years.

In December 2005 the Danish Council of Strategic Research granted 495.000 DKK to the project to participate in a pilot programme to strengthen the cooperation with small and medium-sized companies. The pilot project, SDMT-SMV, studies statistical translation approaches in a business environment, and is carried out through 2006.

For further information, see the project web site

Contact at CST, University of Copenhagen: Bente Maegaard,

Researchers involved at CST: Bente Maegaard, Lene Offersgaard, Sussi Olsen, Claus Povlsen, Jürgen Wedekind.

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